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It would ideally also be free so you could try things for fun without having to think about it too much. P.S. Quantum computing also seems to suffer from the idea that controlling 100 qubits (IBM is at 127) is not that different from 1,000 or 1,000,000. I used to think that it was just PR bullshit and the people at these companies responsible for scaling were fully aware of how insanely difficult this would be, but after my own experience and reading you post, I’m a little worried that most of them don’t truly appreciate the titanic struggle ahead for us. 2020-03-18: I am toying with an idea to enable another option for the readers to comment on posts. 2020-03-18: Over the last week, I’ve added some features to Blotpub that were long in works – support for … 2020-03-18: Coronavirus has been affecting me, my immediate family and even the world at large in extreme ways. It comes in a few different flavours, initially even as a native Linux program, which was phased out as soon as the phone app started gaining traction. 2009-09-27: A day when I let my unethical mind cells win You know that time when you just back out of a thing which might have saved you some bucks? 2020-03-14: I am having fun getting back into Indieweb stuff – working on adding support … 2020-03-10: A quick question for the IndieWeb community here, how do you send the webmentions? 2020-03-25: It was exactly a year ago that I had given up on Stoop, the newsletter app. But thanks to her wit, boldness and ability to sniff out stories and connections, Zora O’Neill has given us a delightful and engaging book packed with adventure, humour, warmth, humanity and, yes, a good dose of complicated grammar. 2020-03-08: I have completed the consolidation exercise that I had planned to carry out this weekend. 2020-03-17: to facilitate student interviews and to help teacher preferably improve teaching. It can thereby help improve user experience of decentralised apps and smoothen users’ learning curves by reducing incoherence between apps.


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